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Making the best decisions on the capital and operational performance of your portfolio requires real time access to multiple sources of data.

Often your data is coming from proprietary, siloed systems that don’t communicate seamlessly with each other. Therefore, you need to manually intervene with spreadsheets, inefficient processes and duplicate data entry.

Premise’s platform allows you to integrate stand-alone, point solutions for a consolidated view of your data so that you and your team can make informed decisions.

Use Cases

  • Occupancy Monitoring

    Optimize your workspace and staffing based on actual usage and dwell time. Understand foot traffic to optimize marketing effectiveness.

  • Leasing Data

    Combine your leasing and occupancy data to optimize space utilization and increase lease rates.

  • Vendor Risk

    Digitize and automate vendor compliance tracking to ensure all vendor risks are identified and addressed.

  • Energy & Sustainability

    Use occupancy data to control HVAC and lighting for energy efficiency.

  • OT & Smart Building

    Use this single pane of glass portal for all loT and proptech solutions.

  • Leak Detection

    Alert building operators and dispatch vendors for repair and restoration. Keep tenants up to date with multi-channel notifications.

  • Accounting

    Monitor your tenant industry exposure and outstanding accounts receivable balances.

  • Tenant Risk

    Digitize and automate tracking of tenant certificates of insurance to ensure all tenants have correct and valid coverage.

  • Tenant Experiences

    Offering you a multi-channel tenant engagement, including chatbot to automate the tenant experience.

  • Operations

    Work orders are digitized, managed and fed into your accounting system.

Premise is deployed across

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Return to work with social distancing

The battle with COVID-19 has taught us that we need a multifaceted approach to get everyone back to work. Introducing GroundFloor, a state-of-the-art data monitoring system from PremiseHQ.

Real-time anonymous data management provides the flexibility to plan, monitor, alert and act on multiple fronts to ensure employees can return to work safely and with confidence.

Managers can effectively plan in compliance with social distancing standards:

  • Staggered teams
  • Workstation assignments
  • Alternating team schedules
  • Set maximum capacity for assigned workstations

Managers are able to:

  • Monitor occupancy density and dwell times of common spaces such as meeting rooms, washrooms, and lobbies
  • Receive alerts when occupants are not social distancing at entry and exit points, or are tailgating through controlled doorways
  • Automate workflows according to company policy to ensure employee safety and standard operating procedures

Indoor Environment Quality Monitoring

As COVID-19 is a respiratory infection, indoor environment and air quality are important aspects to consider when keeping everyone safe and healthy. GroundFloor by PremiseHQ can incorporate 15 different data points including (but not limited to) temperature, humidity, CO2 density, CO density and ammonia to provide an optimal and safe working environment.

Optimize Cleaning and Sanitation

GroundFloor integrates occupancy and traffic data into the cleaning team’s application to ensure their work is targeted and thorough. Verification of cleaning and disinfection can be recorded and communicated to tenants for their confidence that a safe work environment is being maintained.

As the world returns to work post-COVID-19, there is a need for a digital asset inventory database.

Our digital asset inventory database tracks:

  • Where leak detection sensors are deployed
  • Where IEQ and occupancy sensors are deployed
  • Records of warranties, service, characteristics, performance and gauges

GroundFloor has the flexibility to manage: 

  • Visual onboarding of new equipment assets
  • Deploying new or existing sensors or equipment on the floor plan
  • Warranties, location, performance and gauge data

In uncertain times, efficient and timely communication becomes even more important. GroundFloor provides a multi-channel platform to communicate with tenants to keep them informed and engaged.

GroundFloor can communicate via:

  • Existing facility management
  • CRM and ERP
  • Tenant engagement tools
  • Elevator screens

Our AI Chatbot can also answer routine tenant questions without human intervention.

Sensor data is important but doesn’t always show the complete picture. You can connect everything using a simple and incremental approach.

Our data agnostic platform can layer alternative datasets including:

  • Expert inspections
  • Office 365 integration
  • Preventive and corrective work orders

Property management has seen a transition from mostly insourced work to outsourced work over the past generation. Key contractors like janitorial, parking and security often wear the management company uniform as an extension of the operations staff.  Materials and parts suppliers as well as consultants make up the rest of your vendor base that are critical to your building operations.  

GroundFloor integrates inspection reporting and COVID-19 related compliance data to ensure your vendors are operating at your highest standards and not exposing you to additional risk.

GroundFloor ensures your vendors are compliant with:

  • Certificates of insurance (COI)
  • Workers Compensation Board (WCB)
  • Trade licences
  • Training certificates
  • and more

The current crop of vendor management companies charge your vendors significant annual fees. Vendors are often forced to join multiple systems for their various clients. As this is a relatively new cost to their business, vendors often look to bury these fees or charge them back to the property management companies they work with. Smaller vendors or companies that perform infrequent or one-off type work, cannot justify joining a system.

Our vendor compliance micro-app provides the ability to have 100% visibility without charging a fee to the vendors. Furthermore, the information and compliance status can be integrated into your purchasing and work order solutions, reducing risk throughout the procurement lifecycle.

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